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Ok for real this is my last goodbye

Discussion in 'Hellos and Goodbyes' started by 3.1 TATOR_TOT, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. 3.1 TATOR_TOT

    3.1 TATOR_TOT

    Ok the VG servers have been down and I haven't enjoyed tf2 as much as I use too. All my friends left the game behind. I haven't liked the updates and the game is leaving my mind. Also you may have noticed that I have a vac ban. Yes I am really stupid for thinking I was invincible for cheating in csgo and I was never gonna get caught but the fun stops quick. I know that having a vac banned account is against the vg gamer policy. I am extremely dumb and I am dealing with the consequence. Note if your cheating or thinking about cheating in any game think again and don't do it because your gonna get caught sooner or later. Thank you for the great memories guys! I wish you best of luck in the future and I will be signing off now.
  2. Gavlan

    Gavlan Community Manager

    Thanks for letting us know and owning up to it man.
  3. killa sodas - cherry coke

    killa sodas - cherry coke Murderer Server Manager


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