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Banned Player Report - Crackers

Discussion in 'Report Center' started by Drac OPZ, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Drac OPZ

    Drac OPZ All the Above and Beyond Community Manager

    Player Name:
    Detailed Explanation with Screenshots/Demos::
    Was called in about a player walling possibly. After reviewing for a while i noticed he would know how to place his angels right before a player would show themselves and was watching their movements through the walls.

    Towards the end of the demo he is on scout you can clearly tell he was watching through the walls.

    244 hours on css....

  2. crackers


    I really can't believe you think I'm hacking. Honestly, I'm not computer smart enough to figure out how to do that. Last time I tried to mess with CSS, I tried to import custom skins. Broke my game so bad I had to reinstall. I can't even figure out how to watch the demo file thing you posted so I can see how it looked like I cheated. I've never cheated, nor understood the point of it. I have been playing CSS since it came out, CS as a whole a lot longer than that. People are predictable, and I do have really low ping on your server, so that may have something to do with it.
    Seriously though, could you please walk me through getting this demo so I can WTH you're talking about?
    EDIT: An hour of googling, and I figured out how to watch the demo. I really don't see how you think I'm wall hacking. The guy right before I got the boot, you can see him (as I did) when I strafed. Strafed back and he was still running in a straight line right at me. Before that, the only time I anticipated anything is where I aimed for that spot next to the bush. Like half their team had been going to that spot the entire time. They go to the same spots, of course I aim for those spots. Again, I point to my ping being lower as to why the other players may have thought I was wall hacking. As to why you think the demo shows anything of the sort, I honestly have no idea.
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