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Trophies Awarded to No this is Patrick

  1. 20
    Awarded: Dec 30, 2017

    1 Month and You're still here! That's better than most!

    You've been a member for at least one month, hope you like your stay so far!

  2. 12
    Awarded: Dec 1, 2017

    Member Status!

    Awarded for becoming a VigilanteGamers member!

  3. 12
    Awarded: Nov 30, 2017

    TF2 Supporter

    You play our TF2 Servers! We thank you!

  4. 30
    Awarded: Nov 30, 2017

    Linked Steam Account

    You've linked your steam account!

  5. 1
    Awarded: Nov 29, 2017

    Popped the First Post Cherry

    You've posted at least once!